'Faster, better and more economical' highlights to establish a new model in green and smart manufacturing.

Wanli Hefei Plant, a smart plant in the real sense, connects in the whole line all equipment, robots and process flows via the ‘Super Brain’ MES instead of simply integrating a bank of computers, robots and manipulators, to achieve all-area intelligence, all-process automation and all-round greenization and become a ‘faster, better and more ecumenical’smart plant.
Faster refers to that the production time of the entire process flow of single tire is reduced from 48h to 30h, with the per-capita production value reaching RMB 3.3258 million/year being three times that of the traditional model, which is also the highest production efficiency in the domestic tire industry. The secret to that lies in the application of the all-auto transportation chain by ‘sea, land and air’: AGV and RGD, EMS, speed chain and elevator to connect the four intelligent stereoscopic warehouses, realize automatic logistics that improve the overall logistics efficiency, and save time from each production process, for example, the application of the natural rubber crushing and homogenization and synthetic rubber automatic conveyer system replaces the traditional rubber drying and effectively improves the problem of compound component instability caused by different batches of natural rubber; the application of the tandem internal mixer reduces the mixing times from the average 4.3 stages to 2.5 stages; for the bead core production, it is the first time in the industry that the four processes have been integrated and optimized into one process, with the equipment integration production reducing the production takt from the 59s of the traditional process to 23s.
The figure shows the bead core all-in-one machine

Better refers to that product consistency is greatly promoted and quality control system is better guaranteed, with the product percent of pass of up to 99.99%. Firstly, the raw materials and components have stable quality: besides the focus on the stability of the main raw material of compounds, precision of each produced component is improved by using carbon black storage tanks for the month and the day, IHI steel calender, and FISCHER cutting machine, etc.; inventory in the production intermediate link is effectively reduced and component and semi-component quality is guaranteed through the four intelligent stereoscopic warehouses; X-ray machine and other equipment are used in the final inspection link, to realize automatic sorting, automatic detection, automatic grading, automatic identification and automatic isolation of nonconforming products, without missing inspection or grading, with the inspection results being accurate and reliable without manmade error. Bar code identification system and MES are used in the whole production process to distinguish tire specifications and inspection results and bind information to them, to realize the identification and traceability of the entire process flow. So to speak, each tire from here has the highest quality level in the world.
The figure shows the 3D gantry robot
More economical refers to the realization of zero discharge of industrial wastewater, low emission of waste gas, and annual saving of 400 thousand tons of water and 26 million kwh of electricity. Hefei Plant uses the comprehensive control technology most advanced in the industry and nearly 100 energy saving and environmental protection measures to build a smart, beautiful and clean garden-like plant. In the wastewater treatment, Hefei Plant achieves zero discharge of industrial wastewater, and it recycles industrial wastewater, wastewater from cleaning, and domestic sewage and collects and stores rainwater, etc. and after comprehensive treatment, uses them as the make-up water of industrial circulating water;it basically does not need to purchase tap water for the industrial water, and saves about 400 thousand tons of water every year.In the waste gas treatment, it uses the ozone spraying technology for inorganic substances and low-temperature catalytic combustion technology for organic substances, achieving the rate of waste gas processing of more than 98% and rate of dust processing of 99.5%, far better than the industry advanced level. In the energy saving, steam in production is fully recycled by differential pressure power generation, sulfuration and waste-heat utilization (steam lithium bromide refrigerator refrigerates, hot-water lithium bromide refrigerator refrigerates and hot water is accessible for plant's comprehensive use by volume exchanger after refrigeration), etc. And permanent magnet synchronous generator technology, etc. are used for high power equipment for the first time, saving about 26 million kwh of electricity ever year.